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Re: video problem with bootx on 7200

On Sun, Sep 03, 2006 at 08:54:45PM -0400, J. R. Harvey scribbled this nonsense:
> I installed debian sarge on a powermac 7200/120. When it boots with
> bootx, the video doesn't work. The logo shows up briefly, then the
> screen goes blank while it finishes booting, and stays blank. Everything
> else seems to be working, so I can log in via ssh. I didn't install X,
> so all I'm concerned about is having video work for the console.  (The
> video did work fine with bootx and the installer.)

I haven't tried installing Sarge on my 7200/90, but I have installed Sarge on my 9500/150 and my 7300/200 and both installations worked.

Just like you, Sarge worked fine on my 7300/200 with the 2.4 kernel.   On the 9500/150, I was able to get Sarge working with a 2.6 kernel although I am not able 
to see the bootup messages.  I get the Tux image in the upper left corner and a multicolored cursor just beneath it.   The boot proceeds as it should, and the 
multicolored cursor eventually becomes a flashing underscore.   As the boot proceeds into runlevel 2 and starts the daemons configured in the startup script, the 
console eventually displays a login prompt, and everything works fine from there.   I can login at the text console and everything works fine -- including X 
windows.   It's not the best situation, but it works and works well, so I have very few complaints.

I am using Quik on the 9500, though Bootx produced the same results.  So, in a nutshell, aside from being able to see the startup messages, everything works fine 
with a 2.6 kernel.

The 9500 has a 150 MHz 604 processor, 128MB of RAM, two hard drives (1 2GB drive and 1 1GB drive), and an ATI Mach64 PCI video card.

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