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debian-ppc specific error?

I'm currently using kopete 0.11.3 with KDE 3.4 as an IM.

After a while doin' .... something I guess, can't reproduce this at a whim; 
kopete hangs and funny things start happening. I got to mention that kopete 
does not have to be opened. It can be minimized into the dock.

* keyboard hangs, ie  all together nonfunctional with cap and num light non 
* mouse can be moved as usual, but leaves me with only one option; moving 
windows. every button only moves the current window. No minimize maximize 
close no nothing so to speak.

I can at any point use ssh and kill the kopete process witch will fix the 
After having this problem at least once every 48~ hours, I've begyn tinkering 
a bit with the status I found out that ( I only got a BT mouse with scroll):

KDE has this inbuild resource witch will ask to terminate if a program doesn't 
respond to the X (close) in the widget corner.

I found a method to be able to use the mouse, push down the scrollwheel and 
scroll while down THEN the left mouse button suddenly get a correct response 
from X. I push the X and repeats this mouse gesture with KDE's terminate 
button when it appears.

I guess its kopete that has the fault. BUT why does the mouse respond like 
that. Good for me, without the mouse I would have to hard reboot whenever 
this occurs. 

I use a PB17 5,7. Debian testing. The only button responsive is the 

Kennel Arivene 

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