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Re: xkb-data: Help needed for Macintosh keyboards

Hello Denis,
I used xkb-data_0.8-10exp1_all.deb from your tmp directory as described in
your e-mail. First, while everybody in this thread seems to know all the 
details about keyboard mapping, I am not so deep into the details. In would
be nice, if some more documentation would be available. The current tree 
beneath /home/helge/tmp/xkb/usr/share/X11/xkb has quite some files, so it
is a little bit difficult to find everything out.

First, the relevant part of my xorg.conf:
        Section "InputDevice"
                Identifier      "Laptop Keyboard"
#       Driver          "keyboard"
                Driver          "kbd"
#       Option "Protocol"       "Standard"
                Option "AutoRepeat"     "250 30"
#               Option "LeftAlt"        "Meta"
#               Option "RightCtl"       "Control"
                Option "XkbModel"      "macintosh"
#       Option "XkbLayout"     "de2"
                Option "XkbLayout"     "de"
                Option "XkbVariant"    "nodeadkeys"
#       Option "XKbOptions" "nodeadkeys"
        Option "XKbOptions" "lv3:lwin_switch"

The "XKbOptions" line should be boldly mentioned. I just added it during
the tests, and finally the apple keys behave like AltGr as they did in 
Sarge (I never heard about this before). 

Speaking of Sarge, I already reported my keybord (including picture[1]) with
fixes to Branden back then, see bug #121297 (scan down to find my message,
its dated 15th of November 2004!). To be honest, I stayed with "my"
de2 layout, but I understood that Branden integrated it into XFree back 

I did not do much tests with my current layout, as the main issue now is
to test the new one. 

As I understood the bottom row is the most critical one. So on my german
iBook G4 the layout is as follows:

fn   ctrl     alt     apple       space    apple     ^   home   pg dn   end
??    37      64       115         65       115     108  100     104    102
   Control_L     ISO_Level3_Shift      ISO_Level3_Shift  Left   Down    Right
            Alt_L                space            KP_Enter

*    109     113       116         65       116     117   97     105    103
   Control_L         Multi_key            Multi_key      Home   Next    End
       ISO_Level3_Shift          space             Menu

Note, that home is "left" without fn, abd similarly "pg dn" is down, "pg up"
is up (pg up is above pg dn) and "end" is right. With fn pressed the
key numbers are as indicated in row *.

First, after issuing "setxkbmap -print | xkbcomp - :0" I can finally jump
from and to the console again (i.e. X -> console). This is very valuable, as
I work a lot on the console (and the keyboard works perfectly there, 

Next I compare both the keyboard on the console and in X. Since the third
level is (almost) not printed on the keyboard an I never use X (but normal
keyboards a lot) I'd like to have the third level as on an ordinary keyboard.

All keys which work as expected are not reported.

Number row without any modifier:
   Key between ß and backspace does not respond (expected:')
Number row with Apple key pressed:
   2 and 3 ok; but then mixed up, 
   starting at 5:        []|{}}\
   should be (from 7):     {[]}\

Qwertz-row, with Apple key pressed:
   q -> «  instead of @ (not necessary, see Apple-y)
   plus some other characters I've never used on some other letters. (I
   assume, that I don't see the euro sign with Apple-E but ¤ is a font 

Asdf-row, with Apple key pressed:
   Some other characters and some double usage (e.g. ß, @, ^, `), now
   suprise (on the console most of these are no special character)

Yxcv-row, with Apple key pressed:
   Apple-Y is « and Apple-X is » (which unfortunately does not work on
   the console), which is great! (Ideally I'd like them swapped, as in
   german they are "reversed" compared to the french/swiss usage)

Some keys also have a new character with Shift-Apple, but I did not check
them systematically.

So in conclusion, I like your new layout. It would be great, if you could
enable an easy possibility to chose between pc-style third level and 
macintosh third level.

And please *document the options*, especially how to get the Apply key
to behave als AltGr which I just discovered in your emails by chance. If there
is such documentation (where?), then I missed it. 

Btw. the "mouse buttons" is enable all the time with the follwing entries in 
dev/mac_hid/mouse_button_emulation = 1

Unfortunately (but OT here, I guess) double clicking marks far less then
on the console, which is quite anoying. I'd appreciate documentation how
to customize this here as well :-))

I attached the results of the keys pressed both in X and on the
console to this email for reference. 

Thanks for your work. If you need additional information please let me
know which.



P.S. For some strange reason, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg refuses
     to write a new xorg.conf

[1] For some strange reason, I can no longer find the jpeg for the
    keyboard. If it is still valuable, I'll produce a new keyboard
    photo in the next days
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