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Re: iBook and batteries

On 26 Aug 2006 06:34:00 GMT
"Jack Malmostoso" <jackmalmostoso@freesurf.ch> wrote:

> My iBook is 32 months old and around the 24th month I noticed a sudden
> loss in battery performance: I thought it was related to some changes in
> power management under linux (never really had the nerves to use OSX as
> long as the battery life...), but (using a small .app called
> "coconutBattery") I have now found out that only 69% of my battery is
> still alive after *only* 167 charge cycles.
> Now that's some lousy performance if you ask me, although I guess only
> complete charge-discharge cycles are counted.

I'm sorry to disappoint you here but every cycle counts nevertheless how
far it was charged/discharged. In that moment you switch from AC to battery,
or otherwise round one cycle is lost.

Nevertheless LiION batteries degrade over time even they are not used at all.
Taking all this into account 69% of remaining battery power after 32 month
of battery life is not bad at all. Normal Laptop batteries have a lifetime of
about two years, depending on the manufacturer. My battery died (less than 1h
or 20% left) after 4 years. I used the battery a lot but unfortunately I don't
know the cycle count.

 Best Regards

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