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Re: iMac G4- etch install iso - xorg

Hello at debian,

I don't like to bother, but there are "features" in the X setup. As told by brian and as I had to reinstall a crashed hard disk on an iMac G3/500 (diffrent computer!) I tried the latest debian powerpc sarge netinstall CD.

Out of the box the xfree86 server is broken for the iMac G3/500, too. I even tried kernel 2.4 and a lot of different settings and options without any luck. As I got an xfree86 setup running on another PowerMac 8500 I copied that and put the things in for the iMac. And X came up. I don't got the "ati" driver to work, only "fbdev". To be precise, the "ati" driver only shows a very dark flicker of some letters. There is now error and the xserver is up but not usable.

After putting some settings into the "monitor" device, even the original sarge XF86Config-4 does work with "fbdev". The xfree86 setup will work with either one of the following settings:

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"iMac 15 crt"
	HorizSync	60
	VertRefresh	60-75
	Option		"DPMS"


Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"iMac 15 crt"
	HorizSync	30-68
	VertRefresh	50-85
	Option		"DPMS"

The complete XF86Config-4 is attached.

I know that the xfree86 setup worked sometimes back in time. I know that the X setup doesn't work any more for the iMac G3 and iMac G4 with debian or ubuntu. And I wonder why?

I'm looking forward to solve the etch xorg iMac G4 probs while updating the G3 to etch too.

Best regards,
Ralf Saalmüller
Amonshöhe 26
97437 Hassfurt


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