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Re: report install on a p510

Le mardi 05 septembre 2006 à 14:16 +0200, Sven Luther a écrit :
> On Tue, Sep 05, 2006 at 01:12:18PM +0200, Xavier Grave wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I hope these informations will be of some use...
> > I've downloaded the CD netinstall for powerpc. Everything worked well
> > except for the reboot.
> Mmm. Ideally, saving the installation logs would have been good, if you can
> redo the install, this would be perfect.
Sorry we are in a hurry to have the machine running... So perhaps we have the logs somewhere, can you give me the place where I should find them please ?
> > The kernel installed seems to be a 32 bits one.
> Can you give us the output of :
>   dpkg -l | grep linux-image
Too late, I have already clean the /boot to only left remaining the linux-2.6-powerpc64 one.
> As well as the content of /boot ? 
As I remember I have seen installation of two kernel : linux-image-2.6 and linux-image-2.6.16-2-powerpc-smp (from memory...)
> > Reboot with the install CD + chroot to /target + apt-get install
> > linux-image-2.6-powerpc64 + ybin solved the problem.
> This should not be the case, i suggest you file a formal installation report
> against the base-installer package.
Can you remember me where I should fill it ?

Sorry to only give a such bad report...


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