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Re: xkb-data: Help needed for Macintosh keyboards


I'm very happy that someone is taking care of the macintosh keyboards!

First I switched to 
  XkbRules:	xorg
  XkbModel:	pc105
  XkbLayout:	de
  XkbVariant:	mac_nodeadkeys
  XkbOptions:	lv3:lalt_switch
which is also provided by xkb-data 0.8-8 in unstable. This is working well
except KP_Equal. The key on my PowerBook5,2 (15'' with ADB keyboard) emits 
keycode 157 while keycodes/xfree86 maps <KPEQ> to keycode 126. (I would 
like to file a bug about this, but I don't know against which package.)

Then I tested
  XkbRules:     xorg
  XkbModel:     macintosh
  XkbLayout:    de
  XkbVariant:   nodeadkeys
  XkbOptions:   lv3:lalt_switch
from xkb-data 0.8-8exp1. This time <KPEQ> is working. But I have no shift 
key anymore. Thus I can't type any symbol from level 2 or level 4. 
Furthermore I have no ctrl, no command (win key), no funcion keys and no 
navigation (left, right, up, down ...). This is no fun ...

But perhaps symbols/macintosh_vndr/de will be dropped anyway in favour of 
the macintosh variants in symbols/de?

Further I saw that the keypad section in symbols/macintosh_vndr/us is 
different to symbols/pc. In macintosh_vndr/us the numbers are on level 1 
in contrast to level 2 in symbols/pc. So by using include "keypad(comma)" 
in macintosh_vndr/{ch,de,se} you're hitting again bug #328125 because 
symbols/keypad is used to work together with symbols/pc.

Best regards


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