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Re: Debian installer/live stock kernels iMac G5

On Jul 26, 2006, at 00:23, Dennis de Vaal wrote:

I have some comments on the current Debian PowerPC port.

The testing and unstable distributions should at least provide a 2.6.18
or higher kernel. Here's why:

1) The stock kernel used on the Debian sarge and etch installer/livecd
does not contain thermal support for the Apple iMac G5.

2) The snd-powermac module causes the system to completey lockup/ freeze.
This is a confirmed bug. It should, at least, for now be commented out
in /etc/modules.

3) 2.6.18 contains a new snd-aos which should provide sound to newer
iMac G5 models.

I hope the maintainers will notice this because it's very annoying for
people who want to try Debian on a iMac G5 only to find out that the
system freezes. This is very frustrating.

Same here for G5 single (PowerMac 9.1) users. It seems to affect all Debian based PPC distros. It is particularly frustrating for a newbie like myself as the only advise given on list is to compile a kernel, load modules, etc. An understandable and helpful response, but beyond my limited capacity at this time. The Debian PPC kernel seems to be mucked up royally and there is no concrete feedback on how close the developers are to a solution or even if the problems are being addressed in a serious and systematic fashion.

It makes one wonder if the Debian PPC port is in free fall.



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