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Re: boot from ethernet with imac g3

In data 02/06/2006 16:09 Daniel Gimpelevich ha scritto:
On Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:23:52 +0200, Hans Ekbrand wrote:

Before anything can be fetched from the net, the nic must be
recognized. If the installer does not recognize your nic then I would
suspect one of the following:

A) wrong flavor used: (a initrd that has modules for different cd:s
  rather than different nics

Now i have tried also the netinst initrd plus kernel, but they are exactly the same [ md5sums are ca4026023ab176f38bad85b6f66ca8c1 initrd.gz and acc5914b482b1e2ef1e193f84e2d5e96 vmlinux ]

I doubt the real problem is that initrd's are all the same, and that the kernel is not monolitic.

B) a bug in the installer (the nic module for your particular nic
  should have been included in the initrd).

If the NIC is not recognized out-of-the-box, look for the "bmac" module.


I'm thinking about setting up an ftp server ( proftpd ) on my x86 in order to try out the method described at http://neugierig.org/content/tibook/ibook.html , that i thought to be only targeted at mac os 9 + . With netscape or iexplore ( found out that there is a 4.5 version that works ) i hope to be able to download the files from my x86 with the ftp server.


Thank you,
Giulio Canevari

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