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Re: make-kpkg kernel_image fails with current kernel

Thorsten Gunkel <tgunkel-lists@tgunkel.de> wrote:
> Adam Done <emlists@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Adam Done wrote:
>>>I have been trying today to compile a vanilla 2.6.16 kernel direct from
>>>kernel.org and every time I get the same errors at the very end.
> # make-kpkg kernel_image
> | cp arch/ppc/boot/images/vmlinux.coff   debian/tmp-image/boot/vmlinux.coff-2.6.17-rc4

I tried to build it the traditional way (make instead of make-kpkg
kernel_image) and this seems to work. Here the Kernel image is placed in
arch/powerpc/boot/ and not arch/ppc/bot/
It has been mentioned in this thread that there was a name change so I
retried with
make-kpkg --arch powerpc kernel_image
but this seems to be ignored. Maybe the whole problem is #344833 or
#342767. I'll retry with a newer kernel-package

BTW, my selfcompilied kernel (with make not make-kpkg) doesn't boot. It fails
with: VFS: Cannot open root device "hda6" or unknown block ...
I don't use initrd (and never did) so I guess I forgot to activate an
important option which prevents the kernel to read hda6. Any ideas? Any
.config files for me which work with recent 2.6.17-rc kernels?

> http://www.tgunkel.de/it/hardware/doc/ibook_g4_linux_data/ibook_g4_kernel_config2.txt


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