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Re: iBook G4 -- GPU and processor temperatures too high?

On Thu, 2006-05-25 at 14:59 +0200, Denis Fernandez Cabrera wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> I have an iBook G4 (the late 2005 model) with Debian Unstable on it. I 
> have cpufreq and powernow, and that keeps the CPU speed down when 
> necessary (jumping between 666 and 1333 MHz).
> In spite of that, however, I find its temperatures rather high most of 
> the time. Usually, the CPU is around 50 ºC, and the GPU a tad under 60 
> ºC. I think that is quite a lot, especially in times like now, when all 
> I am doing is writting an email.
> Does anyone know why this can be so, and how I can get the temperatures 
> lower?

50 degrees C isn't that high for a G4 :) I suppose it could go lower,
not sure what's up precisely, one would need to verify is it's properly
entering nap mode when idle...

Can you try toggling (0/1) the value in /proc/sys/kernel/powersave-nap ?

It should change your idle temperature (0 should run hotter while 1
should run cooler) and do that after fixing the frequency (don't let
cpufreq much around your cpu speed while doing this test) and with the
machine mostly idle.

Let me know what kind of readings you get.


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