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Re: Re: can't find a way to type brackets on powerbook g3

On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 01:30:36AM +0200, domenico wrote:
> >my keyboard starts with QZERTY, I've chosen US standard, and now 
> >recognizes all characters as before... 
> QZERTY is not US, is old italian typewriter standard
> I rebooted and now all is messed up...no character correspondence at 
> all, I'm writing from my old win desktop :(
> and more, seem that I've lost 'a' and 'tab', so I can't do   
> dpkg-reconfigure console-data
> now I'm reinstalling linux...
Hi, Domenico,

Please, don't ;-)

Next time, please  try[1]:

# loadkeys  /usr/share/keymap/..??.perhaps_mac./it-something.gz

to load a console map that will suit you -sorry I don't remember which
keymap corresponds to the it-qzerty, but I'm pretty sure I saw it.

I opened a bug against kbd-chooser of the D-I that doesn't
allow a user to choose properly its keymap:

If you want to share you experience please email to:



[1] And if you loose a character try to map you keymap by yourself
    with a pencil and a sheet :-/ I think that characters have been messed
    up, but dot cancelled.

P.S. you can also send a mil to the italian linux ppc mailing list:



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