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Re: HOWTO: m3mirror & recent 2.6 kernels

Hi Julien, List,

thanks for the quick and useful reply.
Figures that i should try with a recent 2.6.16, and yes, i have the arch/powerpc/kernel/prom_init.c file. Now since i am not so much a programmer, i am unsure where exactly to add the "break;" statement:

So i go to the declaration of (line 1541):
static void __init prom_check_displays(void)

some lines down there starts a "for" loop (line 1569):
for (node = 0; prom_next_node(&node); ) {

i see the end at (line 1613):

so i guess that should look like:


sorry for this confusing way to ask, but i am quite desperate to get m3mirror to work.

Thanks again!



Julien BLACHE wrote:
Peter Plessas <plessas@mur.at> wrote:


Edit arch/powerpc/kernel/prom_init.c, then, in prom_check_displays()

isn't it:

No, arch/ppc is deprecated for most modern, non-embedded PPC machines
(and for some/most of embedded ones too).

add a break; statement at the very end of the for() loop.

So this snippet:

       for (i = 0; i < prom_num_displays; ++i)
               prom_display_paths[i] = PTRUNRELOC(prom_display_paths[i]);

would become:

       for (i = 0; i < prom_num_displays; ++i)
               prom_display_paths[i] =


Absolutely not :) This looks like it is the old code from arch/ppc,
right ?

If you don't have arch/powerpc, then replace prom_num_displays by 1 in
the above.

This is on a debian 2.6.14 kernel, sources from kernel.org.

Never built this version of the kernel, I waited a bit for the dust to
settle around the ppc -> powerpc move :)


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