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Re: video card - old world mac question

On Sun, May 14, 2006 at 06:26:31PM -0500, Daniel Boyd wrote:
> I was reading through the installation instructions for PowerPC  
> Debian and I saw that it basically said that it would work with any  
> video card that XFree86 has support for.  Is that also true for an  
> old PCI Power Mac like my Performa 6400?  Don't I need an Open  
> Firmware-enabled card?

Correct, but you will only see anything from it after linux has
started to boot. I once used a matrox millenium in a Performa 6400,
worked fine.

> What is the best video card anybody here has been able to get working  
> in a machine that old?  Will a Radeon 9200 Mac Edition work?

Sven Luther writes that that card should work under linux without
problem here:


so I guess it should.

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