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Re: Bug#367149: kbd-chooser: [powerpc] does not detect ADB keyboards

On 5/15/06, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
On Sunday 14 May 2006 07:22, Frans Pop wrote:
> It's currently unsure if the keyboard will work correctly with AT
> keymaps as well as USB-MAC. I'll test that over the next days.

The current daily images now show the AT keymap list. I've tested this on
Frank Lichtenheld's Powerbook G4 laptop, and all keys are mapped OK for
the German keyboard.

The only change from the USB-MAC keymaps is that the apple key no longer
works as the modifier key. Instead these can be accessed using Fn-Alt,
which can probably be explained as that is probably equivalent to the
right-Alt key on "regular" AT keyboards on i386.

AFAICT the options are:
- should the AT keymaps be made to support the apple key as modifier key
- should we go back to using the USB-MAC keymaps for powerpc
- should powerpc users learn to use Fn-Alt instead of the apple key

Going back to USB-MAC keymaps is possibly not the prefered option because
as I understand it the input layer of the 2.6 kernel translates
everything to "AT", so in principle all architectures should now use AT

I personally use the Option key (or Apple as some might call it) as an
AltGr key. The Fn+Alt is used for right click emulation while
Fn+Option is for middle click. I need all of the keys as they are in
order to be able to use diacritics and be able to use applications in
a fast and confortable manner. So please keep this in mind when you
decide what to do.

P.S. Eddy: a test by you too would be very welcome, especially if you can
do a full installation and check the full range of characters on the
installed system.

Ok, there is a partition on which I can do test installations; btw,
two linux installations on a new world powerpc machine imposes a
problem: all kernels should be placed on the same partition due to a
limitation in yaboot. How does d-i deal with this when Debian is
installed on a system on which there is already installed another
linux system?

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