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Re: Alubook 5,8: No sound with 2.6.17-rc3-g5528e568-dirty

On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 16:19 +0200, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:

> [Oops, something's messed up there: this actually is a 1.67 Ghz
> processor. I'll have a look at this later .. :) ]

No, it's fine, it is clocked down at boot, use cpufreq.

> I filled /etc/modules with snd_aoa modules and i have sound already
> from boot time on ... with a minor glitch (i.e. not being able to
> store a certain volume level via alsactrl to the next reboot, as it
> seems), but sound ...

There are a bunch of userland bugs... Alsamixer cannot cope with the
3..28 of the capture volume, some gnome tools can't cope with the
negative scale of the playback volume, and others.
I don't want to workaround this, please all file bugs against the
respective programs.
amixer always seems to work fine.

> I have problems doing the same with pbbuttonsd. That is I can start,
> e.g., gtkppbuttons, but when pressing <FN>-<F5> or <FN>-<F4> it seems
> being impossible to change the sound volume this way. But I can toggle
> it completely ON/OFF with <FN>-<F3.> ... not being sure tho' whether
> this is due to some of my braindead mistakes or really a pbbuttonsd
> issue ...

No idea, I no longer use pbbuttonsd.

> Thanks again a lot to everyone for your work, your time, and the
> resulting fine software ... :)



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