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Re: efficient

Hi Mike, ...

Just to mention, neither aj, nor any of the others who are involved here read
debian-powerpc, so make sure to send it to them. In this case,
leader@debian.org and debian-boot@lists.debian.org are the right place.


Sven Luthe

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 04:13:59PM -0700, Mike wrote:
> >What's "interesting for Sven" isn't really a consideration, what's
> >reasonable and efficient is. Once this has been tried for some time,
> >I'll be happy to reconsider whether it's effective; if it's going to be
> >dismissed out of hand, though, that indicates a lack of good faith.
> I am sorry I had to interject here.  The first definition of efficient is 
> "Acting directly to produce an effect"  <-- 
> http://www.thefreedictionary.com/efficient
> Making Sven jump through hoops to update code that he had or has to work in 
> is anything but direct or efficient.  Another definition under the 
> Thesaurus part of the above page is "being effective without wasting time 
> or effort or expense
> Now I am not an expert on what happened, and don't claim to be.  If you 
> don't like him and don't want him, say that, if he screwed up, then it may 

> be a competancy problem, and say that, but a group should not hide behind 
> an argument of reasonability and efficiency when the whole basis of the 
> argument is inefficient
> --Mike
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