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Re: packages held back?

Dnia 07-05-2006, nie o godzinie 11:40 +0200, Sven Luther napisał(a):
> aptitude introduces another situation. It consider that you only really want
> those packages you personnaly asked to install, and will try to remove unused
> libraries if it finds them. Sadly, i don't believe aptitude will notice when a
> package has been installed explicitly by apt-get, TTBOK.
Not quite. Aptitude marks packages as dependencies (and remove them when
they are not needed) when they are being  in by another, but it isn't
the case with apt-get. Therefore the packages installed by 'apt-get
install' to satisfy dependencies will be treated by aptitude as if they
were manually requested to be installed and won't be automatically
removed (unless of course some other piece of software
conflicts/replaces them).
> > I am running testing, if that help, and would appreciate any help from 
> > anyone
> Well, hope the above helped some to understand the problem. What i usually do
> is an apt-get upgrade, followed by a manual apt-get install of those packages
> that are kept back, usually one by one. IF this still didn't help, then just
> wait a few days.
I'd personally recommend resolving all these problems using aptitude's
GUI. It is really useful when you need to investigate dependencies,
conflicts etc., a situation which happens often in Sid and sometimes
even in testing.
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther

Andrzej Mendel

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