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Re: Monitor never suspends on G4 Mac Mini with Sony Flat Panel

On Saturday 15 April 2006 13:10, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > On a maybe related note: I found that pbbuttonsd doesn't correctly
> > > discover the i2c device for the keyboard illumination anymore. That's
> > > with 2.6.16. Maybe something similar happened in your case.
> >
> > Does that fix it ?
> Based on a quick check I'd say it did - the ambient light sensor works
> again with the unhacked pbbuttonsd. I'll have to boot an old 2.6.16
> to compare yet. Thanks!
> 	Michael

Does not seem to be able to test the patch till after easter, but will do.
But I'm not sure we're talkin bout the same thing here. 
the KBD illumination sensor never ceased to work in my case, just that I'm 
unable to use the KBD to control it, turn it on and off.


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