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Re: Old kbd-chooser bug on Oldworld Powermac: may someone try reproducing it?

I'll check it out next chance I get. It will probably be a week or two before I get time to try it. If that's too long, I'd guess you can close this issue out. I've installed several PPC machines (admittedly all more modern than the PowerMac 6500/225 in question) since then and don't remember seeing this problem.


On Apr 2, 2006, at 1:53 AM, Christian Perrier wrote:

(resending this mail which I originally sent to the wrong address)

We (D-I team) have an old bug lying in kbd-chooser bug log for
Oldworld Powermac installs:

Given that kbd-chooser and the installer have changed a lot since
then, it's pretty much likely that the bug is away. May someone try
reproducing it with a recent installer image such as D-I Etch beta2

Bug summary:

"During the language/keyboard choice phase, I took all the defaults
(Language->English, Region->UnitedStates, KeyboardType->USB) until it
came to the Keymap choice.  There the default was "European".  This is
*not* what I expected -- or what was the default behavior in the past!
Having done everything possible to indicate that I was in the USA and
speaking English, I would have expected the default keymap to be

The machine is a PowerMac 6500/225.


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