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Re: mounting

On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 17:40 -0500, caleb storms wrote:
> first i'm sorry if this has been asked but i just joined the list.
> I'm running the latest stable build of debian on a ppc G4 and am unable
> to write to any hfs+ drives.  Altough I was able to and then it just
> stopped although mtab tells me it is mounted for rw i get the message
> that the drive is mounted read only when trying to write to it.
> I have looked all over the net and have seen mostly old messages about
> this being a problem in the past.  but nothing pointing to it being an
> issue now.
> I also tried hpmount and it tells me it is not a mac drive.  This may be
> because it is not my main volume or because i turned journaling off.
> I"m not sure.
> Any help would rock

You probably have a dirty drive (crashed without unmounting it). This
requires running fsck. I don't know if there's a working hfs+ fsck for
linux, in the meantime, a fix is to boot OS X and back into linux. (You
can also verify/repair the partition by booting with the OS X install CD
and going to the disk utilities).


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