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Re: d-i daily build fails when building initrd (PowerMac7,3)

> > If the d-i team does not get their act together WRT daily builds, I can
> > offer to set up a 233 MHz G3 with accounts for d-i. Ditto for someone to
> > build kernels.
> The real problem is not the machine, they can even use an account on the IBM
> donated quad-power5 at augsbourg if needed. The real issue is that there is
> something wrong with how the d-i team thinks. On one part they bashed on me
> over the expulsion process, and frans was quite un-comprehending and caustic,
> but on the other hand they still think of me as the ppc porter, and expect me
> to know all, be well informed before posting, and fix the daily builds that
> occasionally get broken by other parts of the daily builds.

Well, nice to hear it's not the hardware that's holding things up. Now we
just need to find someone to volunteer to take over from you. Anyone?


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