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Re: (Bugs 356933, 358816) linux-2.6: snd-powermac should depend on i2c-powermac

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, Simon McVittie wrote:

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> Forwarding my follow-up to bug 356933: since this was reported on a
> package which no longer exists, my follow-up went to the BTS but not
> to debian-kernel.
> Bug 358816 appears to be another report of the same problem.
> Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 23:55:31 +0000
> From: Simon McVittie <snd-powermac-060323.10.smcv@spamgourmet.org>
> To: Debian Bug Tracking System <356933@bugs.debian.org>
> Subject: linux-2.6: snd-powermac should depend on i2c-powermac
> Package: linux-2.6
> Followup-For: Bug #356933
> I also experienced the modprobe segfault and kernel Oops reported in bug
> 356933.
> The upstream changelog for 2.6.16 mentions changes to snd-powermac due to
> the replacement of i2c-keywest with i2c-powermac. i2c-powermac was not
> loaded on my system after an upgrade to 2.6.16, but adding it to
> /etc/modules and rebooting caused snd-powermac to work correctly.
> I no longer have an i2c-keywest module.

This was discussed recently on debian-powerpc. A simple workaround is to
add a module alias i2c-keywest for i2c-powermac.

> snd_pmac_tumbler_init() in sound/ppc/tumbler.c contains:
> #ifdef CONFIG_KMOD
> 	if (current->fs->root)
> 		request_module("i2c-keywest");
> #endif /* CONFIG_KMOD */
> which presumably at least needs to be amended to "i2c-powermac". A hard
> dependency or a more graceful failure mode would seem to be a better solution,
> though.

The fix is correct; the same patch needs to be applied to
sound/ppc/dacas.c and at least one file in the old OSS dmasound_pmac


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