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How to debug kernel Oops


My ibook freezes when I want to use the _lateast_ bcm43xx/devicescape
driver for 2.6.16.
It freezes after the commands:
modprobe bcm43xx_d80211
echo -n "sta0" > /sys/class/ieee80211/phy0/add_iface
ifconfig wlan0.11 up
(I see in syslog
"localhost kernel: wlan0.11: Does not support passive scan, disabled")

In console I see ( _manually_ copied)
Unable to handele kernel paging request for data at address 0x00000008
Faulting instruction address:0xe2709440
Oops : kernel acces of bad area, sig 11 [#1]
NIP [E2709440] ieee80211_master_star_xmit+0x6c/0x4bc [80211]
LR [E2709400] ieee80211_master_star_xmit+0x2c/0x4bc [80211]
Call Trace : ...

How to find the problem and solve it ?


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