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Re: Connecting 2 Powerbooks via Firewire 400

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:

How do I connect an AluPowerbook (PowerBook5,8 - Kernel 2.15.1) and a
TiBook (PowerBook3,5 - Kernel via Firewire? I tried
connecting both via FW, the rebooting them ... nothing that helped so
far ..

Pointers to docs are also welcome.

The purpose is to move files from one machine to the other.

And yes, I know how I can do this via NFS ... :)

Thanks in anticipation

If you boot the "source powerbook" while holding down the "t" key, I
think that powerbook should come up in "firewire disk mode" - similar
to the old "scsi disk mode" - where the Powerbook just looks like a
hard drive to the device connected to the other end of the firewire,
or scsi, cable respectively ...  After that, you should be able to
mount the drive on the "destination" PC/laptop just like any other
device or volume.

I am not sure if this mode is OS dependent, but I don't think it is.
It should be a function of the firmware, and should kick in before
any OS starts to load...



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