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Problems with touchpad and sleep on an iBook G4


I did some systematic tests, why the touchpad (appletouch) didn't work
sometimes after waking up from suspend-to-ram. Normally I removed and
reload the module ohci_hcd and the touchpad works like an extarnal usb

I tried different settings and do some statistics, because in the logs
was no recognizable difference. By luck I found out that when I use the
keyboard to wake up my iBook there are no problems, but when I use the
touchpad button, the touchpad didnt work after wake up. Then I started
my systematic tests with different cases to check my hypothesis. 

To make it short: this is reproducible in all cases. If you use the
touchpad to wake up the computer or before the wakeup is complete, the
touchpad didn't work after wake-up. 

I hope this could help anybody to fix the problem (hackers) or have a
workaround (users). Is there any chance to fix this issue or is it part
of the general usb/sleep problem?

Now the statistics for the control freaks :D

iBook G4 1.33Ghz 12" June05
Ubuntu Dapper, Kernel 2.6.15 (2.6.15-19-powerpc)
pbbuttonsd / ikeyd not in use

gdm: using gnome logout menu to invoke sleep
g-p-m: using gnome-power-manager to invoke sleep
lid close: handled by g-p-m
m.: method

waking m.   sleeping m. | works  | works not

keyboard     gdm           5        0
             g-p-m         5        0
             lid close     6        0

touchpad     gdm           0        3
             g-p-m         0        3
             lid close     0        4

A friend reproduced this on his iBook (same modell) with Ubuntu Breezy
and pbbuttonsd running. 


P.S.: Even I use Ubuntu, I didn't think this is an Ubuntu-specific
problem and hope this helps all ibook-linux users.

Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni
PGP Fingerprint: D5A1 A22E 3758 C9B4 57D2  3CAF EE52 1A78 C6A0 6934

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