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Re: working patch for orinoco 0.15rc2 (linux 2.6.14) ?

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005 14:32:28 +0100
Jorge Salamero Sanz <526715@celes.unizar.es> wrote:

> hi all,
> i've downloaded[0] the patch for monitor mode (with kismet) for
> 0.15rc2  (included in linux 2.6.14) but doesn't apply cleanly and
> doesn't compile.
> anyone can point me to a working patch ?
> thanks :)
> [0] http://kismetwireless.net/code/orinoco-0.15rc2-dragorn-02.diff

i frequently update my patch to enable and use monitor mode+blinking led
on incoming packets :-)
you can find it here:
towards the end of the page
if it doesn't work/compile, pls notify me, thanks!, bye, paul

PS answering very late at the mail, cause i read it only now, sigh....

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