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Re: Network boot of RS/6000 CHRP systems

Sven Luther wrote:
On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 09:30:29AM -0800, Jason Self wrote:
Perhaps it's the monitor? Have you tried using it with another machine?

On 3/14/06, Maes, Roel <it@edutoy.be> wrote:
Dear sir,

My company just bought a second hand IBM RS/6000 F50 server.
When i try to boot it, onfortunately, the screen remains blank.
I removed the VGA card, en installed an other one, but still, blank screen.
(no input signal detected)

Please connect a serial cable, and try netbooting it through the serial
console (console=ttyS0,9600n8 usually), and post the result of the serial log
if it doesn't work for you.


Sven Luther
If your card is not supported, you may want to try passing:


in the append line to the kernel. It should then use the already initialized screen from OpenFirmware.

If your card has a DVI along with a regular DSUB15 VGA output, make sure that the machine does not detect the wrong output. This happend to me with a ATI Radeon 9200SE PCI MacEdition, my 43p Model 150 randomly chose one on boot time but never probed both properly.

Another card that works, is a Rage128 PCI usually found in older B&W G3 Powermacs.

In any case, I second Sven's suggestion to use a serial console as it is probably the most reliable solution.



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