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Re: MSNBC_Auto_Response: Thank you for contacting TODAY with Katie Couric and Ma

Your show has always been informative and entertaining but now here's the bad news, I stayed home from work today because intuition informed me you would be covering the topic of colon cancer.  I am 47 years old and work as a delivery driver in Denver.  All of the symptoms discussed I have so I feel my time is limited.  I have three beautiful children and have been married to this beautiful woman for 25 years.  The problem is Health Insurance is not affordable to some one earning less than 15 dollars per hour.  For the 18,000 plus who just might be in the same boat as I am you do not offer additional information how uninsured people can get help.  I've diagnosed myself with this problem because I can't afford to go get it done.  To qualify for medicaid I have to be indigent which would mean, sell my house, cars,
and whatever property I own. I've worked to hard all my life to watch my family loose everything, I guess I'd rather loose!  Panic in response!

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