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Re: Debian MacOldWorld installation

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006, Jerome Le Saux wrote:

Hi all,
I imagine you might be bored to see such mail. I'm sorry but I read the
Debian Manual but also on the net via google to try to find an answer to
my problem.
I used to install Debian distribution on other architecture such Intel,
so my question is only on the CDrom boot.
I downloaded miboot floppy to boot.
Miboot returned me : Kernel Panic VFS unable to mount root FS on 08:01.
What's wrong, my harddrive are not supported ?
Must I add specific driver for them ?

My machine :
Machintosh ppc 7600
2 harddrives (2.1 GB and 9 GB scsi, both recognized under Macos 8.5)

Thank you for your help.


I think there was a problem with any drive having SCSI ID 0 on such macs
- make sure neither of your drives have this ID and try again ...


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