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Re: Can someone help, I screwed something up

Doesn't really seem to be a powerpc specific problem.
There are gazillions ways to mess up the X starting sequence. And I guess there is no easy way to get around that.
So just the two basic possibilities you have whenever something goes wrong on a computer:
1. Start new from scratch, after backing up your imprtant data (e.g. new clean install, can often be quicker)
2. Start digging into the system and learn how it works, to figure out what went wrong. (you don't really give very detailed information on what configurations you have(xserver, window manager, graphics card, drivers etc.), so I'm assuming you don't really know where to look at all. So I guess you should start learning some X fundamentals. Withou detailed information noone will really be able to help, except they have exact the same problem atm.) 

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