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Re: mouseemu 0.15 not working at all? [SOLVED]

hy there,

i just wanted to present the solution to my not-working-mouseemu-0.15.
in fact i completely misinterpreted its manpage. with ...

# mouseemu -right x y

... i thought that i get a right-click EITHER by pressing x+mousebutton OR
by pressing y. actually it is way more simple:

# mouseemu -right x y

means of course that you get the right-click by pressing x AND y. in my case
(powerbook) i want "mouseemu -right 29 272" where 29 is the left ctrl-key
and 272 is the (single) mousebutton available.

i guess i got somewhat confused with CONFIG_MAC_EMUMOUSEBTN=y available in
the kernel and pbbuttonsd.
ok, sorry for bothering. and thanks to the other michael for being so
patient :-)


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