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Re: Debian Installer - boot floppies

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 10:04:41PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> So, my questions would be:
> - which driver is actually needed in the case of #345467


> - is this driver available on the root floppy (built in or module)
> - if it's modular, is it being loaded

No idea. Haven't looked. Based on the email thread, I would say it's
there one way or another. It sounded like the driver was loaded but
there wasn't a node in /dev created to be able to use it.

> - if it's loaded, what are the correct device nodes for it and why are
>   they not being created

It should be block device 2,0 just like what floppy.ko would do. It should
show up in devfs as /dev/floppy/0, too. It's possible the swim3 code is
broken. I'm not sure it has an official maintainer anymore. How are device
nodes normally getting created? Are we still using devfs, or have we
moved on to using udev? At one point, the macio bus support wasn't
entirely patched in for hotplug and probably by extension for udev.

	Brad Boyer

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