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Re: Norton Ghost like utility?

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 08:34:02AM -0500, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Uwe A. P. Würdinger wrote:
> >Nop, ppc isn't supported but it's based on NetBSD bootfloppy/CD-ROM.
> *but* you can clone a PPC drive, you must just use an i386 machine to do 
> the cloning.  (ie, take the drive out of the powerbook, hook it up into 
> an intel/amd based machine, and clone it)
> Since you're talking a laptop, it does sound like a pain.  Possibly 
> booting a live CD, like knoppix, and then using dd to make a backup 
> would work.  (That's all g4u does anyway, except that it compresses and 
> ftps the dd image.)

Then the partimage solution is much better, it does work on powerpc, we use it
to image the pegasos machines, and it should be no major problem to find a
life-cd with it, like said, either niktarix or ubuntu-live-cd/dvd should do.


Sven Luther

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