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Re: Kernel Question (Johannes Berg?)

>> I have a PowerBook G4 1.67GHz with an ATi Radeon 9700 video card. (I have
>> noticed that Johannes Berg has the same system that's why I thought he 
>> might
>> be the best to answer the question.)

> Yeah, but please don't put it into the subject. That'll just stop other
> people from responding faster than I will (if I will).


>> Which kernel version (according to experience) should I best be using? 
>> I'm
>> currently using the 2.6.8-powerpc version that installed with the sarge 
>> base
>> installation.

> Well, 2.6.15.x works great. Currently I'm running 2.6.16-rc4-f52ee1
> (straight from git)

What's git?!

>> 1- Is there any information online about how to get a better compatible
>> kernel and compile it if necessary to upgrade my current kernel?

> kernel.org has the kernels... there's a kernel building faq.

I'll certainly look there. I hope they also have config files (actually, I 
hope I know what I'm talking about by saying this!)

>> 2- Will this affect the aptitude upgrade process? I mean, if I'm 
>> successful,
>> how can I prevent aptitude from overwriting my kernel?

> look at kernel-package (the debian package) and its documentation


>> 3- Is there a way to fully back up my system (including the MacOS X
>> partition and all) so that I can just re-dump it all again onto the 
>> laptop
>> in case this procedure fails somehow?

> Use target disk mode and another computer that has firewire. Or just
> hope you can fix up the system by booting an old kernel (always keep the
> current kernel in your yaboot config if you install a new one!)

How do I do this (keep the current kernel in your yaboot config)?

> johannes

Thank you!

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