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Re: Kernel Question (Johannes Berg?)

> I have a PowerBook G4 1.67GHz with an ATi Radeon 9700 video card. (I have 
> noticed that Johannes Berg has the same system that's why I thought he might 
> be the best to answer the question.)

Yeah, but please don't put it into the subject. That'll just stop other
people from responding faster than I will (if I will).

> Which kernel version (according to experience) should I best be using? I'm 
> currently using the 2.6.8-powerpc version that installed with the sarge base 
> installation.

Well, 2.6.15.x works great. Currently I'm running 2.6.16-rc4-f52ee1
(straight from git)

> 1- Is there any information online about how to get a better compatible 
> kernel and compile it if necessary to upgrade my current kernel?

kernel.org has the kernels... there's a kernel building faq.

> 2- Will this affect the aptitude upgrade process? I mean, if I'm successful, 
> how can I prevent aptitude from overwriting my kernel?

look at kernel-package (the debian package) and its documentation

> 3- Is there a way to fully back up my system (including the MacOS X 
> partition and all) so that I can just re-dump it all again onto the laptop 
> in case this procedure fails somehow?

Use target disk mode and another computer that has firewire. Or just
hope you can fix up the system by booting an old kernel (always keep the
current kernel in your yaboot config if you install a new one!)


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