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Re: mouseemu 0.15 not working at all?

> input: mouseemu virtual keyboard as /class/input/input6
> input: mouseemu virtual mouse as /class/input/input7
> /sys/class/input/input6 and input7 exist.
> any hints?


cat /dev/input/event6


cat /dev/input/event7

and see if typing or moving the mouse/trackpad shows any activity. If yes,
recompiling mouseemu using a recent version of the kernel headers might
help (use Mich Lanners' mouseemu binary to try this out).

Do you have other processes that use the event devices? Does any of these
grab the events for exclusive use? (See ls -lR of /sys/class/input for a
list of devices, and run find /proc -name event\* to see who uses them)
If no output shows on any of the above commands, that's rather likely.


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