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g3 beige won't boot off of boot floppy

Hello all-

Recently I aquired a g3 (beige) power mac it has Open Firmware 2.4 I used system disk to patch the OF though I must admit I don't know if it actually did anything when I hit the save button. ie it didnt give me any indication of progress etc.

From my reading the only way to boot this mac is through the floppies as it is still *Old World*. I downloaded the boot.img file and ofonlyboot.img file from both the floppy and floppy-2.4 directories (I don't know what the difference is) at the following site:


I created 4 floppies from the MakeDebianFloppy.sit utility. ie [1]boot.img & [2]ofonlyboot.img from the floppy directory / [3]boot.img & [4]ofonlyboot.img from the floppy-2.4 directory

I have inserted each of these floppies at startup and each time the computer ejects the floppy. Is there some way to make this computer accept those bootup disks? Is there a command I can enter into the OF prompt to force a floppy boot? According what I've read I should be able to do this right?

Or do I need to partition with the Mac disk utility and somehow use quik to boot into an installer like you would on a nubus machine? If this is a the case could you point me in the direction of a step by step for this sort of operation.

Thanks in advance,


Ben Wehrspann
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