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Re: Powerbook5,8: function keys not working

Hi Michael,

On  20 Jan, this message from Michael Hanselmann echoed through
> Please try 2.6.16-rc1. It has the latest patch.

Doesn't boot: stops after displaying HID0 values (still in early boot
text console). I have to check if that's a known issue.

Anyway, I have the latest patch I found in the linuxppc patchwork

I have the keyboard backlight keys working now (pbbuttonsd beta). So
some keys are working at least. The LCD backlight keys worked once, but
not anymore after restarting pbuttonsd, no matter what I try. 

I have not yet tried if after a reboot backlight adjusting works again.

I'm starting to wonder if all this is a pbbuttonsd problem perhaps?

Thanks, and cheers


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