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Re: xorg-6.9.0 and nautilus-2.12.2-1

El mar, 10-01-2006 a las 23:58 -0500, Shreyas Ananthan escribió:
> "Antonio-M. Corbi Bellot" <antonio.corbi@ua.es> writes:
> > Just upgraded my pbook with a nvidia card to xorg-6.9.0 and everything
> > seems to work ok except nautilus (my version is 2.12.2-1), the desktop
> > is drawn corrupted, every other application works ok.
> I experience the same problem. For the time being I disabled nautilus'
> ability to redraw desktop using the command...
> gconftool -2 -s /apps/nautilius/preferences/show_desktop -t bool false

Hi Shreyas!

No need to do that, you only need to use a 'solid color' for your
desktop background and nautilus draws the desktop correctly (no ghost
images, no trails moving windows, etc..)

A. Corbi

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