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Re: Poll: debian/powerpc woody users ...

Op 6-jan-2006, om 3:46 heeft Rogério Brito het volgende geschreven:

Hi, Ernest.

On Jan 05 2006, Ernest Demaret wrote:
In that case it might be interesting to mention that I still have a
machine (PCI) running on a 2.2.20 kernel since that's the highest
version that can run the PowerMac 9500/200.

Humm? That's quite strange, I'd say. Which expansion cards do you
actually have (if you do have one)?

None whatsoever. It's an original.

I have a PowerMac 9500/180MP that I used to run in SMP mode for quite
some time with 2.4 kernels (I was always using the bleeding-edge kernels
from BenH's tree) and now that I put a G3 upgrade card, I have it
running some quite recent kernels (right now, I'm using a home-made, because I have not had time to compile anything newer, due to
real-life commitments).

Never found out why a higher version doesn't work.

Really strange.

I read somewhere that there was a slight change in the 2.4 kernel in opposite to the 2.2 kernel that caused this machine to crash. That's all I know.

Pity though. This machine is fast enough for the work I give it. When
I find the time I'll try one of the newer kernels on that machine.

I'd say that more recent kernels are indeed a better choice, given the
improved features. The only two problems that I have with this PowerMac
that I inherited are:

1 - its disk is quite slow (with a maximum rate of about 2MB/s);

Fast enough for his tasks. It's just generating html out of a GeneWeb database.

2 - it doesn't have much memory and even Linux programs are getting
    bigger all the time. :-(

It's dedicated to one task only so it doesn't need so much memory. I'd like to run a higher kernel though. It's more secure...

With regards,

Ernest Demaret

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