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Problems with custom netinst CD


i bought a new 15" powerbook, and with the new model there is some
change in the ATA controller and the installation CD didnt reconize
the Hard Drive and the CDROM. I have searched and I found a kernel
patch which solves the problem ( http://lkml.org/lkml/2005/10/28/343
). I patched and compiled a custom kernel and I tried to build my own
netinst CD with my custom kernel (
(The manual is for i386 but with a few changes I adapted it to PPC)).

Now the problem is that the iso created didnt boot automatically, so I
started it from OpenFirmware using "boot cd:,yaboot". The CD starts
and detects the Hard Drive and the CDROM, but when it tries to load
the modules it says that it cant find "/lib/modules/". Before
I created the ISO i changed the drivers.tgz with the new modules from
my custom kernel, but it seems not to copy the drivers.tgz or it didnt
extract it...

Can someone give me a hint or another way to create a debian-netinst
ISO with custom kernel!?


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