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Re: PowerBook g4 12' sleep support

On 21 12 2005, Benjamin Herrenschmidt uttered the following:

> > I have had suspend to disk work -- and quite well at that -- but
> > lately (that is, with kernel 2.6.15-rc5/6) it crashes when I try to
> > resume.
> Where does it crash ? What message do you get ?

Waking up from hibernation with a 2.6.15-rc6 kernel, the kernel begins
to boot then stops after reading from the swap partition and I am left
with two lines of text at the top of the screen saying something about
the cpu.  The last line says "cpu0".  There is a big band of empty
blankness after that, and the bottom 5/6 of the screen is covered in
golden brown stripes.  With 2.6.15-rc5, it's more or less the same
thing, only the screen is covered completely in golden-brown
stripes. The same hibernation setup works OK with

Guy Yasko -- gyasko@sympatico.ca

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