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Re: PowerBook g4 12' sleep support

On 2005.12.21, Federico Pistono spake thusly:

On 19/12/05, Patricio Valarezo <patovala@pupilabox.net.ec> wrote:
> > Hi, is there support for the power capacities (sleep) on powerbook g4
> > 12"? i'm using Debian SID, thanks a lot for your answers.
> > 
> > thanks
> > 
> > PV
> I have been trying pbbottonsd and pmud, but none of them worked for
> me, both on linux kernel 2.6.12 and 2.6.14.
> pmsuspend2 kernel support woudn't compile, in the end all I could get
> was a suspend to disk (and not RAM) support, which then crashed when I
> woke up from X, so in the end I sort of gave up.
> If someone managed to achieve some results a hint would be greatly
> 	appreciated.

I have had suspend to disk work -- and quite well at that -- but
lately (that is, with kernel 2.6.15-rc5/6) it crashes when I try to

Guy Yasko -- gyasko@sympatico.ca

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