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Re: RS/6000 44p 170 install.

Sven Luther wrote:

> Oh, BTW, the installation manual is mostly still potato-dated for the powerpc
> part, so it would be nice if you could provide your experience in such a way
> that (you, we, me, someone) can integrate it into the official manual for
> etch.

No problem. I'd be glad to share a path to victory should I discover it:).
Being new to debian, i have dozens of leads to follow and questions to
ask. So alot of reading to do. I'm following this as my best lead at the


With this I can boot. I am currently trying to partition the
disks. But still have some way to go in getting this right.

Later I hope to get one of the etch/beta cd's and try to net
boot it from a server. Then I'll see if i can get an install done
from one of these current dist's. If I can get it happening I'll
try and put a howto together and perhaps updates to the actual
install manual.

I'm going to bring the machine home today. That way I can
work on it over the Christmas break.

have fun.

> Friendly,
> Sven Luther
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