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Re: swsusp2, kernel 2.6.14 and iBook (mid-2005)

Thanks guys !

my swsusp is now working. I modified /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf as
indicated to make use of swsusp (the default config for hiberate is
done for swsusp2...don't forget to comment the "xhacks" section at the

It works great, except, that after a resume, the windows of Xorg/KDE
do not look great at all and would need a refresh. They look again
great once I've moved them a bit, but the wallpaper covering the
desktop still does not appear. Any ideas ?


2005/12/21, Michael Tautschnig <michael.tautschnig@zt-consulting.com>:
> > In fact, I made the mistake to create a swap partition
> >  with exactly the same size as my RAM. Later on, I read
> >  somewhere that your swap partition must be at least
> >  1.5 times bigger than your RAM. Since I do not want to
> >  reinstall everything (Linux+MacOS) just to add some more
> >  swap space  (unless there is another method ?) I thought
> >  I could try  swsusp2 since you can compress the RAM image,
> >  or write  it into a file.
> >
> I think one needs 1.5 times the size of the actually used memory - I've
> got 1.25 GB RAM and 1 GB swap an swsusp1 works like a charm...
> HTH,
> Michael

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