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Re: How to compile custom kernel 2.6 for ppc64

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 11:03:21AM +0200, Eduardo Trápani wrote:
> I've tried everything I could think of, "apt-get source --build", 
> "make-kpk", "debian/rules binary", "dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc" but either 
> the kernel does not boot or I cannot install the image due to errors that I 
> find it hard to trace (a sample from yesterday at the end of the message).
> I do need to compile the kernel to add patches from Ben to handle the fan 
> and to recognize mi model (PowerMac 8,2).
> Could somebody tell me what are the steps I should take to be able to 
> compile and boot a kernel for ppc64?  I already have the etch chroot, as 
> Sven suggested and backported yaird and debconf.

In the powerpc archives, available here:

you might want to search for exactly these topics between April 8
through 15 this year, where compile questions were discussed in
great detail, partly ad nauseam:

  applying patch
  Compile errors Patching to 2.6.12-rc2
  Building packages and compiler flags
  Recompile a driver, without recompiling the whole kernel

I don't know whether there are specific compiler flags necessary for
ppc64, but I'd think they're not, simply because gcc might probably
realise the system (ppc64) automatically anyway ... Am I right?


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