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Re: [ANN] Broadcom Wireless Chipsets reverse engineered

> Ok, bad news...
> After trying bcm43xx for a while I 'svn up'ed the driver to revision 808
> and also upgraded wireless-tools to version 27+28pre11 and
> softmac...damn!
> Softmac gave compilation errors that I managed to solve, but don't know
> if this made the code not to work properly...

I don't recall compile errors in softmac - there's a bunch of warnings
about unavailable symbols but the resulting modules load OK.

> I can ifup eth1 with a static ip-address, but can't reach the router:

Yep, that's about as far as I get. iwconfig does report 'no wireles
extensions' on the device.

On firmware load (after ifconfig eth1 up) I get a warning about a possible
driver bug in bcm43xx_phy_setupg() (line 333 bcm43xx_phy.c) but the code
seems to carry on successfully in that case. Do you see something like
that as well?

> So it must be (I think) something related to the upgrade in the code of
> bcm43xx and/or softmac.
> Has anyone observed this.

I've not tried the earlier versions. Both bcm43xx and softmac are in some
sort of SCM so backing out recent changes might be easy to do. When did
you download the working sources?


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