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Re: Powermac G3 graphics card question

Hi all,

On  30 Nov, this message from Hans Ekbrand echoed through cyberspace:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 09:19:20AM +0000, Robin Edwards wrote:
>> I currently have a pci rage128 installed in my mac running sid. if i
>> replaced this card with a pc pci graphics card (dual head would be
>> ideal). would i beable to get this to working under linux. im aware
>> that there are graphics card especially for macs, but id prefer to
>> use a standard pc one if it will work.
> I have successfully done that with a Matrox MGA PCI card on a Performa
> 6400.
> There were no output from the card until linux booted, but that did
> not bother me. For the card to give output before linux takes over, I
> think it would have to be programmed with some OF-drivers or
> something.

The Matrox Millenium is an example of a card that can be reflashed from
PC-style BIOS to Mac-Style OF Rom. I did that a few years ago; maybe you
can still find a Mac ROM for those cards.

Once flashed with a Mac ROM, the card works in OpenFirmware.

Note that I did that in a 7600, and I was disappointed by the card's
performance vs. the built-in Control video. But YMMV according to the
machine you try this in, and of course the type of old and new grafics

Now, the original poster wanted to upgrade from a Rage 128, which is
already a decent grafics card. But there are faster Mac-style cards
(i.e. with OF Rom) equivalent to PC models on the market, where maybe
you can find a way to reflash them from PC to Mac ROM.



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