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Re: sudden power loss (WAS: sudden power loss on tibook)

Michael Tautschnig wrote:

I'm a gentoo-user and compiling frequently, but my iBook (G4,1.2GHz, got it Feb05) never dies on _high_ cpu load.

Does this also mean that your fan is not running at high speed before those


nope, I think it mostly didn't even run at low speed.
absolutely nothing unusual, just sudden power loss.
when my cpu is clocked to 1.2GHz and mostly idling it's around 51°C and the fan kicks in at 56° (running Panther the fan starts only when I'm playing WC3 and after a reboot to gentoo the CPU was still at 57°C!).
@600MHz the temperature for idling is 48°C I think.

greetings, Floh

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